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Awarded Top Local and Global Safety Certification

Douglasdale Dairy can, with confidence, provide consumers with the guarantee that when they purchase a Douglasdale Dairy product, they are buying a superior quality milk product, processed and packaged in a factory that complies with local and international food safety standards. Douglasdale Dairy has been awarded an 'A' rating in Pick 'n Pay's supplier audit assessment, conducted on their behalf by the Southern African Food Safety Inspection Services and is proud to be one of the first fresh milk dairies in Gauteng to achieve international Food Safety Standard, HACCP certification.

The HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) certification is recognised by the World Health Organisation as the most effective way of preventing food-borne disease. The HACCP Food Safety Management System is designed to identify and control hazards which have the potential to cause harm to the consumer, which might occur anywhere in the food processing system.

This system monitors the entire milk production process, from what lactating cattle are fed at the farm, to the temperature regulation of transportation of the final, packaged product from the dairy to the retailers' shelves. This makes Douglasdale Dairy fully accountable for each and every milk product that leaves the dairy, which is purchased by the consumer. The HACCP certification not only identifies potential hazards but also stipulates what controls must be in place to prevent potential hazards. These controls are carefully managed at Douglasdale Dairy each step of the milk production process, to guarantee a quality product at all times.

All Douglasdale Dairy products are Kosher and Halaal.

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