Our Mission

Our Mission Statement

Striving for optimal quality products delivered with service excellence by a passionate, focused workforce that uses cutting edge technology whilst ensuring sustained growth.

Producing Superior Quality Milk

Milk available for purchase by consumers varies in quality. Processing methods vary from dairy to dairy, as do quality controls and frequency of laboratory testing.

Douglasdale Dairy employs modern processing methods and all machinery is state-of-the-art. All dairy products produced in the factory undergo rigorous laboratory testing throughout the entire process to guarantee a quality end product every time.

Our milk suppliers

Douglasdale Dairy hand picks farmers who supply fresh milk to the dairy. To be selected as a milk supplier to Douglasdale, the farmer must meet the stringent standards set-out by the dairy.

Kosher Certification

Halaal Certification

Tours are tailored to the age of the visitors,
ranging from toddlers accompanied by their
mothers, to university students and adults.
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